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  • Sunil Sandhu

    Sunil Sandhu

    Founder @ PlainEnglish.io, Teacher @ Stackademic.com

  • Node.js


    Node.js is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform. https://nodejs.org/en/

  • Marcel Moosbrugger

    Marcel Moosbrugger

    I am a Ph.D. researcher, enjoying explaining complex things in simple terms || marcelmoos.com || Follow for more: marcelmoos.com/newsletter

  • Joanne Guan

    Joanne Guan

    Malaysian Engineer who loves to eat and make new friends! Talk to me on FB (Joanne Guan) or IG (@jobanneguab)! 😊

  • Matthew Prince

    Matthew Prince

    A little bit geek, wonk, and nerd. Repeat entrepreneur, recovering lawyer, and former ski instructor. Co-founder and CEO of CloudFlare.

  • Frank Andrade

    Frank Andrade

    Learn Python in Spanish with me on my YouTube channel β†’ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGKngc82bux4NIDar572E5Q/videos

  • Lukas Reineke

    Lukas Reineke

  • Niru


    Author & Creator. Avid Reader. Analyst & Techie. Student at Life and Motherhood. Book on Amazon: 365 Days of F(ib)Bing: https://tinyurl.com/yxldcomc

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