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Software Engineering | Finance | Investing


  • Mia Z. Edwards

    Mia Z. Edwards

    Writer, blogger, short stories memoir on world travels, neighbor (hood), work & being single. Email:, Follow me @Miazoey14

  • Rindai


  • Catherine Lee

    Catherine Lee

  • Niru


    Author & Creator. Avid Reader. Analyst & Techie. Student at Life and Motherhood. Book on Amazon: 365 Days of F(ib)Bing:

  • Michelle Ling

    Michelle Ling

  • Carly Barrett

    Carly Barrett

    Copywriter. Dog Mum. Goal Digger. Introvert. Chronically Evolving. Build a profitable email list from scratch in 5 days:

  • Koji Nozomi

    Koji Nozomi

  • Samuel Lee

    Samuel Lee

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