3 Tips for writing clean code with Python examples

Plant on table
Plant on table
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  • Be…

Become a better Django developer with these tips

Pro Django book on desk
Pro Django book on desk
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  • Write tests.
  • Make use of select_related and prefetch_related.
  • Make…

Ways to Build Applications Fast With No-Code or Low-Code Tools

Turn Ideas Into Reality
Turn Ideas Into Reality
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Read About Tools That I Use to Increase My Productivity as a Backend Developer in 5 Minutes

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Read About Building a Web App Without Writing JavaScript or CSS with PyWebIO

Python Programming
Python Programming
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Read About Tips to Deploy and Schedule Run Your Scrapy Crawler on Cloud for Free In 6 Minutes

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Read About 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Web Scraping Experience Using Scrapy in 5 Minutes

Code Editor
Code Editor
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  • Use HTTPCache during development
  • Always use AutoThrottle
  • Consume sites’ API whenever available
  • Use bulk insert for…

Read About Lessons Learned From Scraping Over Hundreds of Sites With Python Scrapy

Spider Web
Spider Web
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“Why scrape the web”?

  • Lead generation
  • Pricing advantage
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Market research

An Easy Way to Generate Income From Covered Call and PMCC on Your Existing Stocks and LEAPS Options

Coins on Hand
Coins on Hand
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10,000 Monthly Views, 3,000 Monthly Reads, 50 Followers Later, Here’s My Thoughts

My Medium Stats Screenshot
My Medium Stats Screenshot
My Medium Stats Page Ending February 2021
  • Software engineering
  • Investing
  • Personal finance

So, back to the question, how much did I earn from a year of writing?

Jerry Ng

A software engineer, writer, and FI/RE advocate. I enjoy explaining things to people and talking about software engineering, finance, and investing. 👋

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